The Camel and Star


The Camel and Star

from 6.50

"Go in peace. The journey on which you go is under the eye of the Lord."

Judges 18, 6

Size 6-11: Navy (Cotton mix) £6.50 

Size 4-7 Navy  £6.50 

Size 6-11: Black (Wool mix) Sold out.

Size 4-7: Petrol blue (Wool mix)  £10.25

Story: Where are you going?  Who are you travelling with? The camel has tells the story of following the star but also tells who he now follows.

A design which began life as a Christmas sock but quickly changed to an all year round favourite at the heart of Holy Socks.

We also have a version of the story for Epiphany.

"And being warned in a dream,.......they departed to their own country by another way." Matthew 2,12

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This design began life  with the verse from Matthew 2,9: "the star which they had seen in the east, went before them...." but quickly when Christmas was over, we found that the verse from Judges 18,6 was perfect for all year round "journeying" and not just of the geographical kind.  This is a sock which highlights life as a spiritual journey - a concept not as generally familiar in 2002 as it is now.  Where are you going and who is travelling with you?