We ordered two sizes and as Rikki didn't do men's sizes at the time, we got women's sizes 4-7 and the largest children's size 12 1/2 - 3 12. The samples eventually arrived and they were an amazingly good reproductions of the drawings and computer work we'd sent.  Friends I showed them to, liked them but it was then we came up against Minimum Order Quantity.  Rikki's moq was 60 dozen pairs of one size, one colour, one design.  That's a lot of socks.  Rikki, however, proved to be an angel in nature, not just in name and he agreed to make one lot of Loaves and Fishes in the full moq but made a selection of the other 60 dozen spread between the other designs.  Another six weeks and I found myself standing in our hallway staring at 120 dozen pairs of socks. What made it worse was that so many of them were green.  The Loaves and Fishes design in both sizes were green.  I'm not sure if, at that time, it was because of that little verse in John's gospel "There was much grass in the place." or whether that realisation came later, but there were so many green socks, the pile in the hall did look like a grassy hill.  What had I done?  I could have build a sun lounge, taken the family on holiday, bought a fancy car, but I'd bought 120 dozen pairs of socks.  

 I had thought of selling the socks through churches but had got no further than that. So what could be done to sell these socks. 

I will now confess that I had never heard of the Keswick Convention.  Family friends, who lived near Keswick knew all about it, and about the booths which were available in the streets, put up by a local joiner whose name was Mr. Green.  When I'd tracked Mr. Green down I phoned him and asked if there was a booth available for the Convention.  He laughed and he wasn't laughing at Holy Socks.  He was laughing at the idea that anyone could phone up in June and expect to get a booth for the next month. If I wanted one for the next year, and I let him know then he might, just might be able to book one for me, but for that year, no chance.  We left it that, if anyone cancelled or wanted to share, he would let me know.  He didn't hold out much hope.  Ten days later the phone rang. It was Mr. Green.  Someone had cancelled. Holy Socks were going to the Convention.