On the Saturday morning found Mr. Green at the corner of Helvelyn Street and it became a bit like "The Three Billy Goats Gruff."

There were three booths outside the laundrette. The first was plain wood and was shaped like a  Punch and Judy booth,  a fine size, I thought for the amount of stock we had.  "No," said Mr. Green, "That's not yours. That was for someone who needed security.  The next one was a three yards by three yards booth. Surely that was ours.  "No," said Mr. Green,  "That's not yours." The next one seemed huge to us. It was all of yards by eight yards.  That was our first stand.  There have been many times since when I would have loved to have that size of stand but at that time, I hadn't a clue what to do with it.  We soon learned though and with help from our friend Brenda, by the end of the fortnight, we had made quite an impressive display. 

We learned a lot at Keswick.  First of all we learned that people liked them.  We also learned that the size everyone wanted was the men's size and when I came back we got straight onto our manufacturer and persuaded him to make us the larger size in Jonah and the Whale and Daniel and the Lions. 

Equally important was learning that the socks shouldn't just be sold on their own.  They needed a leaflet to go with them. Something that explained a bit about the story behind the whole idea of Holy Socks.  There would be no need for the small labels which I'd spent so much time, effort and money creating and having delivered to the booth at Helvelyn Street.  What was required was an A4 leaflet.