Original Holy Socks label.

The first time Holy Socks went on sale (at Keswick in 2000) they were sold with just a little label.




We realised pretty quickly that they needed more explanation so we began to package the socks in an A4 leaflet with a story inspired by the Biblical verse.

We now have a range of sizes in dark and bright colours, covering both serious and funny subjects drawn from the Old and New Testaments.








Many of our current pairs are "not a pair of socks" at all, with for example, sheep on one sock and goats on the other, and Pharaoh's fat cows on one sock and thin cows on the other, The Moon and Stars design with the Plough constellation on one sock and The Southern Cross on the other. 

I originally thought that Holy Socks would make people laugh but the humour is underpinned by the serious idea of life as a journey. - and all those Biblical verses which refer to various aspects of feet and walking.