Holy Socks in Kenya

Eddie McGaw

first went to Kenya in 2011 as part of #CelticFC charity group to work in the slum area of Nakuru.  

Eddie tells a little of his story: "After seeing how bad the conditions were I said I would go back every year to try and help out ,over the years the groups I have ran have done loads of stuff from building an extension to a dinner hall ,toilets ,running water, helping make dinners,buying 200 pairs of shoes, loads of clothes to all ages, visiting new borns in hospital and giving blankets and hats etc, fridges and freezers, toys to the kids, building houses in the dump site for families who have less than nothing, goalposts, swings, slide, climbing frames, painting and guttering. We even bought them chips and roast turkey in nov 2015  the first ever time they had chips and turkey!

The list could go on,,with your help and even a little help will go a long way and to the people of the slum area they need as much help as they can get, so thank you for taking time to read this and as I said any donation no matter what it is is gratefully received and put to good use in Nakuru.

Money raised will be used to help kids at the walk centre and St Jeromes orphanage as well as families in the dump site with repairing houses

Nakuru hildren without their Holy Socks

Nakuru hildren without their Holy Socks

Last trip, Eddie took some Holy Socks out for the kids and here are some of them getting their socks on.