Holy Socks in Dundee

You can now get your Holy Socks in #Dundee.  We delivered a stand a couple of weeks ago to #CLC in 112 Nethergate, Dundee DD1 4EH. 

Holy Socks in Kenya

Eddie McGaw

first went to Kenya in 2011 as part of #CelticFC charity group to work in the slum area of Nakuru.  

Eddie tells a little of his story: "After seeing how bad the conditions were I said I would go back every year to try and help out ,over the years the groups I have ran have done loads of stuff from building an extension to a dinner hall ,toilets ,running water, helping make dinners,buying 200 pairs of shoes, loads of clothes to all ages, visiting new borns in hospital and giving blankets and hats etc, fridges and freezers, toys to the kids, building houses in the dump site for families who have less than nothing, goalposts, swings, slide, climbing frames, painting and guttering. We even bought them chips and roast turkey in nov 2015  the first ever time they had chips and turkey!

The list could go on,,with your help and even a little help will go a long way and to the people of the slum area they need as much help as they can get, so thank you for taking time to read this and as I said any donation no matter what it is is gratefully received and put to good use in Nakuru.

Money raised will be used to help kids at the walk centre and St Jeromes orphanage as well as families in the dump site with repairing houses

 Nakuru hildren without their Holy Socks

Nakuru hildren without their Holy Socks

Last trip, Eddie took some Holy Socks out for the kids and here are some of them getting their socks on. 

Rallying with Holy Socks 2016

Just a few days to go until the start of the 2016 ARR Craib MSA Scottish Rally Championship so thought I'd just have a look through the archive at some of the designs that Jock Armstrong and Paula Swinscoe have worn to go Rallying with Holy Socks.

Jock's had a lot more pairs than Paula, but their first design on a rally together was  "How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news."  Isaiah 52,7  on the Snowman Rally two years ago. 

This is a design with a bit of a split personality.  It's now used for Psalm 121,1: "I will lift up my eyes to the Hills" and we're working on a variation  with higher "hills" for the Isaiah version. 

Last year Holy Socks gave Jock and Paula "The Parable of the Talents" and we're sure all those Talents on the socks, including the single hidden talent,  helped them win the event. Read all about it at Matthew 25, 23

Red Holy Socks

Gentlemen, what's your favourite colour of socks?  colours@holysocks.co.uk

We try to keep a variety of colours of Holy Socks.  While most men seem to prefer black or navy, as one woman visiting the our stand once said "some men wear brightly coloured socks."  For those who do, red is often the bright colour of preference. 

So here's a pair of our current red socks - a lovely rich red for the Holy Socks which  illustrate the Parable of the Talents from Matthew 25, 14-30.  Tucked away in this story is the well know saying - not just used by Christians - "Well done, good and faithful servant" and this is the verse which we have used for the front of the leaflet.  

This is a major "not a pair of Holy Socks" with a pile of coins on each side of each sock, one each of five, ten, two and four.  What did we do with the coin the worthless servant hid?  On the size 4-7, it's hidden under the turn-over top and on the size 6-11, the single coin is on the sole of one of the socks.  A definite "not a pair of socks." 

Back in February this year, the R. Earsman Ltd/Rallying with Holy Socks crew of Jock Armstrong and Paula Swinscoe gave this design it's debut on the A.R.R. Craib, MSA Scottish Rally Championship. The Arnold Clark, Thistle  Hotels Snowman Rally is the first round and wearing the Talents, the pair proved they had enough talent to win the event, which is staged round the forests of Inverness.

 At the finish, outside the Thistle Hotel, Mike Faulkner,  Peter Foy, Jock, Paula, Bruce McCombie and Michael Coutts, all ready to spray the champagne.   

At the finish, outside the Thistle Hotel, Mike Faulkner,  Peter Foy, Jock, Paula, Bruce McCombie and Michael Coutts, all ready to spray the champagne.


 Jock and Paula showing off their Talented Holy Socks, although we seem to lost half of Paula.

Jock and Paula showing off their Talented Holy Socks, although we seem to lost half of Paula.

 That's better - Paula fully restored!

That's better - Paula fully restored!

We'll be taking a look at some of our other brightly coloured Holy Socks later in the week. Meantime let us know which colour you prefer. 

Source: info@holysocks.co.uk


The Holy Socks carpenter has been busy building stands for the Christian Resources Exhibition at the NEC, 7th & 8th October.  We're at stand A24 so come and see us - these will be finished and fully stocked with Holy Socks.  

Just arrived

Just arrived at Holy Socks.  Size 6-11 "I will lift my eyes to the hills." Psalm 121, 1.

Based on a wall hanging by textile artist  Linda Woodfield.  www.linda-woodfield.co.uk, this is a very popular design and we're relieved to have size 6-11 back in stock. They'll be packed and ready to go out today. 

A letter from our friends at Aig Fois, Kirkcudbright

Dear Aig Fois friend

At the end of the recent Retreat in Daily Life there was a heartfelt request to consider running this course again in Galloway.  For those of you who don’t know, this is a personal development course which aims to help participants develop and deepen their experience of prayer and nurture an awareness of God’s presence in their life (see attached leaflet for more information, but ignore the info about venue and dates).

We’d love to run it again, so I have discussed this with Mary and Harriet, have spoken to other people who run this course elsewhere in Scotland, and the following is a distillation of our thoughts.

We would aim to hold weekly, 2.5 hr sessions in blocks of roughly 7 weeks with gaps between the blocks.  The advantage of holding weekly sessions is that participants have a regular (little and often) experience of reflective prayer in a supportive community which helps to develop a deeper personal practice. 


Those interested are likely to come from as far apart as Newton Stewart and Annan, so it seems best to hold the sessions somewhere in the middle of the region.  There are around 4 people I’m aware of who are keen on participating this year, and it would be possible to hold it in my house in Kirkcudbright for that number. 

In order to ascertain the level of interest – which will affect the final choice of venue as my house could only comfortably accommodate 8 participants – we thought we’d hold a taster evening sometime in early September which would include reflective prayer as well as discussing practicalities.  We are happy for those participating to have their say about when to meet  (days and times of week, etc.) to ensure that as many who want to participate can.  At the moment, we’re thinking of starting early October.

At this stage you aren’t committing yourself to anything, but if you’re interested in knowing more, could you let me know by Tuesday, 25th August which of the following dates would suit you to come to 2 Castle Street, Kirkcudbright for the taster evening/discussion:

Evening: 7.00 – 8.30

September: 2nd / 3rd / 5th / 9th

So, if you’ve read to the end of this email and you’re still interested:

·         Let me know on which of the above dates you could make a meeting.

·         Let me know if you’re interested, even if none of the dates suit you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes