This was in Birmingham 2015

This was in Birmingham 2015

In the archive

With CRE 2017 just a few months away, I've been looking at some of the photos from CRE's gone by.

The first venture of Holy Socks to The Christian Resources Exhibition was in October 2002 in Edinburgh.  

There are several things that make any exhibition for me. The people who visit the Holy Socks stand, their reaction to and comments on Holy Socks.  It's always great to chat with people, who are now old friends. My abiding memory of that first event was of the many and diverse areas God calls his followers to serve in.  I had never heard of Send a Cow. but loved it at first sight and hearing.  It made me, then and still, want to bring everyone (particularly those who had no knowledge of God) and show them what God was up to. 

It was two years and four months since Holy Socks had started their walk. We didn't have many designs but our best seller was Daniel and the Lions. 

I was helped by Jane Mackichan who had been my tutor on The Life of Prayer course which I had completed through the Scottish Churches Open College. Sadly I didn't take so many pictures in those days and don't have any of the stand - or Jane. 

Someone took a photo of the then Bishop of Edinburgh who opened the exhibition and then visited our stand.  



We were also mentioned in The Scotsman article:

It's sometimes difficult to make the time to go round the exhibition and see all that's on offer, but it's so worthwhile and so useful to find out what God has got His followers involved in.  In 2002, I hadn't a clue what God had planned for Holy Socks!