Pharaoh's Dream Cows

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Pharaoh's Dream Cows


"Behold in my dream... seven cows, fat and sleek came up out of the Nile ... and seven other cows, poor and very gaunt and thin .."
Genesis 41, 17 - 19

Size 6 - 8:  Navy   £5.95 This delivery has come in a bit smaller than usual so I'm sizing them slightly smaller as I don't think they'll fit shoe sizes 9-11.

Size 4-7: Navy £5.95

Size 4-7:  Light denim blue  £5.95


Story: The Fat and Think cows are about to appear in Pharaoh's dream. The fat and thin cow discuss what the dream is all about and one cow discovers he's about to get eaten!

With seven "fat cows" on one sock and seven "thin cows" on the other, this is the original "not a pair of socks" design.

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