Welcome to the Holy Socks website where you'll find our original designs featuring Biblical characters, stories and verses. 

The first pair of Holy Socks was sold in 2000.

Holy Socks were originally devised as a gentle and humorous introduction to the Christian faith and a symbol of our life's journey. 

We've been walking the faith ever since and now have a range of serious, funny and "in between" socks which come will an original story, poem or meditation. 

We've had sports themed designs since the beginning of Holy Socks and we've just added a design with a tennis theme.  We're calling it "The Service Sock."  

We've also been Rallying with Holy Socks since 2007 and our crew of Jock Armstrong and Cammie Fair were back in action on the Scottish Rally in May, wearing  "The Forgiveness Sock."              Punctures proved unforgiving and it wasn't a great day for the pair.  We'll have something special to help them bounce back next rally.   See more pictures here.

We've had delivery of some new colours in a few of our most popular designs.   The Dove,   The Found Sheep and The Vine - along with new designs, The Forgiveness Sock and The Lamp.

The Lamp is a thicker style than usual - a proper walking sock.

Made in 70% Cotton, 29% Nylon, 1% Elastane.  The elasticated band around the foot provides arch support whilst walking. It can also help the sock to stay in place so that it doesn’t slip down. 

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Not long before the Christian Resources Exhibition  at Sandown Park.

Come and see us at Stand S64 and catch up with our latest designs.

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 Back in action. Jock Armstrong and Cammie Fair, Rallying with Holy Socks

Back in action. Jock Armstrong and Cammie Fair, Rallying with Holy Socks


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We received this photo from the shop at St. Vincent’s Cathedral, in Bedford, Texas, USA. 

The window was dressed by Cindy the shop manager and I think it looks marvelous.  

St. Vincents.jpg

I'm often asked "What on earth are Holy Socks?"  Well as you can see from the pictures above and below, they're socks, but they're socks with designs which illustrate Biblical verses, characters and stories.  

Each pair of Holy Socks® comes with an original story, poem or meditation.

The Humble Donkey                            The Pilgrim's Sock                            The Financial Fish                               The Hills (Psalm 121)

The designs range from funny to serious and lots in between. Above are some of our most popular pairs. Click on the pictures for more details or here to see all our designs. 

Holy Socks have been both walking the faith and introducing the faith since 2000 when we had just  two sizes and six designs.  If you'd like to read about the early days of Holy Socks and how it all began, click here.


You can either order from our website or phone us on 01671 404043 or 07918 18 45 39.

We've added a partial list of stockists and will be adding more soon - find it here.

Holy Socks, Journey into Pilgrimage.